Foster Care at Les Cayes

In partnership with Bethany Global, God’s Vision for Haiti’s foster care program is proactive—we seek children from orphanages to be placed in Christian homes, and we seek Christian homes that welcome and love those children.

Foster care home parents undergo validation, receive extensive training, and are supervised by a GVFH social worker trained under Bethany’s program guidelines.

It is important to note that while in the State of Michigan the average foster care parent receives $600 per child per month, under our program our foster care parents do not receive monthly support. Their incentive to foster care, besides receiving small stipends to subsidize the children’s education, is to share the love
of Jesus Christ.


Through the help of the leadership of 27 churches in Les Cayes and surrounding areas the program is introduced to interested families. Before a child is placed in a home a rigorous process is followed, it includes: